Brooke Jaron

Brooke Jaron is an American designer currently living in Philadelphia. She has been creating jewelry for over 20 years. Her career as a designer grew out of a fascination with the culture, art and artifacts of Asia.

Brooke is a frequent traveler to the far corners of the world where she searches for unique and beautiful elements to incorporate into her one-of-a-kind necklaces. She has brought back antique jade, carved wood and silver from China, amulet boxes and beads from Nepal and Tibet, and hand-made silver ornaments and beads from India.

Each necklace is made completely by Brooke who sees each piece as a unique joining of color, texture and symbolic meanings. Her work has been featured in numerous galleries, museum shops and boutiques across the United States and Canada.

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Brooke Jaron Necklace, Black Onyx "Bi" Pendant



Black onyx "Bi" disk with a lacquer bar. Cinnabar bead, pewter, and silver rings and clasp on a Japanese silk cord. Sourced around the world, assemble in the USA. 28" +...

Brooke Jaron Necklace, Chinese Name Stamp



Chinese name stamp with dragon, rosewood and jasper beads. Chinese horn rings, pewter and silver rings and clasp from India, all on a hand made silk cord. Sourced around the world, assemble...

Brooke Jaron Necklace, Mixed Metal Pendant



Mixed metal pendant with squirrels and grapes motif. Chinese silver and jet beads, brass and silver tubes and rings, all on a hand made silk cord. 29" + 4.5" pendant...

Brooke Jaron Necklace, Naga Shell Pedant



Vintage Naga conch shell and silver pendant from Nepal. Oxbone rings from India, marble rings form China, along with pewter and silver rings and clasp on a handmade cord.and horn rings....

Brooke Jaron Necklace, Vintage Chinese Silver Baby Bell


Necklace with vintage Chinese silver baby bell, carved jet beads, pewter and silver beads, and a silver toggle clasp. Sourced around the world, handmade in the USA.  17" See all...

Brooke Jaron Necklace, White Marble "Bi" Disk



White marble "Bi" disk with a carved jade bead. Bone, pewter, and silver rings and clasp on a Japanese silk cord. Sourced around the world, assemble in the USA. 30"...

Brooke Jaron Necklace, Yellow Mountain Jade Pendant


"Morning Mist on Yellow Mountain" is a natural scenic stone known in China as Yellow Mountain jade. On a handmade silk cord with carved jet and jade beads, horn rings,...

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