Lana Handmade by Eva Camacho-Sanchez

Eva was born in Andalucía, Spain and now lives in Western Massachusetts. She learned how to create from her mother, and sources her materials from local farmers. Her wet-felting techniques return stunningly beautiful felted shawls and garments that are asymmetrically shaped with a modern geometric sensibility to them.

Her Spiderweb collection just returned from an exhibit in Seoul, South Korea, as part of the 5th International Fiber Art Fair at the Seoul Art Center Hangaram Art Museum. Eva called her collection, “A Golden Ray of Hope.”

Her Boro collection is on display at the Textile Museum in Washington, D.C.

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Lana Handmade Scarf, Spiderweb, Red

$97.50 $130.00

Felted wool and silk spiderweb scarf in red with white accents. Wool/silk, handwash, dry flat. 12" x 68" See all Lana Handmade by Eva Camacho-Sanchez

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