Diane Prekup Theater Jacket, Beyond the Chaos, XS/S


Long jacket in multicolor geometric design with a black and white background. Jacket has a mandarin collar that may be worn up or folded down, and an open front. Mixed fibers, dry clean only.

40" bust

40" back length

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"Deep within the recesses of our being, far from view, lies the swirling chaos that is creativity. Sketch? Plan? Of course, but what comes, finally, can be unrecognizable from the original intent. And, many times, better for it.

Creativity. How one deals with, deciphers, manages, and ultimately comes to terms with that Chaos is... Life. Everyday life. Sometimes unrecognizable from the dreams we have or the goals we set. And, at times, better. If we choose to make it so.

So, dive into that Chaos, dream on, expect the unexpected, but most of all... be better for it."

-Diane Prekup

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