Diane Prekup Trunk Show

The Diane Prekup trunk show was such a fun weekend! Diane brought some brilliant new pieces - most notably, the Butterfly Jacket which flew out the gallery on the first day. I spent time with Diane and we talked about how this collection was a burst of freshness that was the culmination of the season (Spring) and wanting a fresh new look to bring to our clients. Many of our long-time clients added to their Prekup collections, and some new clients were introduced to the delights of Prekup's fiber art. Diane is a natural in the gallery, explaining her process with a brief slide show on her iPad, and finding the right owner for each piece.

We talked about how - as Diane creates each piece - she has no idea who will end up purchasing the tunic, jacket, vest, or top. But she trusts that each one will find its way to an owner. I find that to be true as well. So many of our gallery's artisan wear pieces are unique and some take longer than others to be matched to the right woman. Some pieces leave the gallery just as soon as they arrive. There's an interesting synergy that happens there.

What I do know is that when a collector puts on a piece that belongs to her, everyone in the room knows immediately. Our eyes soften a bit as we take in the beauty of the clothing on the client. The piece comes alive, and the woman is complemented and flattered in the best way possible for her unique beauty. 

It's our job to seek out the artisan, small studio pieces and match them to our clients and collectors. That's what we love to do.


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