Our Story

Santa Fe Weaving Gallery was founded in 1976 by Victoria Rabinowe and Nancy Paap, who wove pieces and sold them off the loom along with two other weavers. The Gallery was an important contributor to the fiber arts movement by showcasing beautiful textiles as garments.

In 1992, two women from New York City, Jill Heppenheimer and Barbara Lanning, drawn to the landscape of New Mexico purchased the Gallery and brought in an international influence by sourcing ethnic textiles and modern design. They broadened the category of fiber artists to include felters, dyers, embroiderers and designers... artists of the cloth in its endless possibilities. Many of the top-reputed surface designers have been represented here over the years.

Today, the Gallery, owned by Elise Nye Holliday, continues to seek out and represent these artists and designers as they explore new frontiers in textiles. Paper is formed into jewelry, Tyvek is fashioned into raincoats, wool is felted with metallic threads. Wovens are designed on the hand-loom and finished on a computer-driven loom. Cloth is buried deep into earth or bound to rebar to adopt earthen tones. Metal is woven into jewelry.

As each generation explores and pushes the boundaries of the arts, so do our designers work to create cloth that is artisanal, innovative, exciting and new. Come explore our offerings. Many pieces are unique and will not be found anywhere else. Many of them are for everyday wear, and some are for special events. But none of them are standard issue.

Our wonderful Gallery staff are well-versed in our artists and designers, and their various techniques. We are happy to answer your questions, help you make your selection and tell you about our special pieces.