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Tatiana Palnitska Jacket, Magenta/Blue, M/L


A beautiful one-of-a kind hand-painted crisp cotton jacket in shades of magenta and purple accented with blue.. It features a pieced shirt style collar and an asymmetrical front closure with...

Tatiana Palnitska Jacket, Aqua/Lime/Grey XL


A unique one-of-a kind hand-painted jacket in shades of aqua, lime, and grey with accents of toast and lavender.   It features pieced raw edge detailing and top stitching.  Comfortable shirt-like...

Tatiana Palnitska Vest, Black/Purple, M


One of a kind asymmetrical vest hand painted in purple on black featuring yarn accents and pieced diagonally with both finished and raw edge details.  A-line in shape with fitted...

Tatiana Palnitska Jacket, Magenta/Purple, M/L


A one-of-a kind pieced hand-painted jacket in shades of magenta, lavender and purple in varying fabrics and textures with top stitching and raw edge detailing.   It features a shirt style collar, a...

Tatiana Palnitska Vest, Multi-Color, S


A flattering one-of-a-kind A-line hand-painted patchwork design vest showcasing a beautiful mix of spring and summer tones including aqua, orange, purple, lavender, blues, and greens.  It features a decorative green...

Tatiana Palnitska Jacket, Blue/Magenta, M


A beautiful one-of-a kind hand-painted crisp cotton jacket in shades of sky blue, periwinkle and magenta. It features a pieced collar and applique strips with top stitching on the back. ...

Tatiana Palnitska Jacket, Purple/GoldTeal, M/L


An interesting one-of-a kind hand-painted jacket in shades of muted purple and antique gold with teal accents.  The body is cotton and the sleeves are silk organza.  It features an...

Tatiana Palnitska Jacket, White/Grey/Blue, S


An artsy one-of-a-kind hand-painted A-line crisp white cotton jacket with hand-painted splashes of grey and sky blue with pops of salmon on the collar, sleeves, and bottom half of the...

Tatiana Palnitska Jacket, Aqua/Green/Rust, L


An artistic one-of-a kind hand-painted jacket in shades of aqua, green and rust  with decorative applique strips in varying fabrics and shades of brown.  It features a double stand up...

Tatiana Palnitska Jacket, Turquoise/Rust, L


A fun, versatile,  one-of-a kind hand-painted jacket in shades of turquoise and rust with subtle accents of lavender and gold.  The body of the jacket is cotton and the long...

Tatiana Palnitska Jacket, Gold/Blue/Black, M


A striking one-of-a-kind A-line hand-painted jacket in gorgeous shades of blue, aqua, purple, and black in a pieced mosaic style over a gold lining for a truly unique look.  It...

Tatiana Palnitska Jacket, Rust/Green, XL


A one-of-a kind hand-painted oversized jacket in shades of rust and green featuring reverse seam detailing front and back, plus an asymmetrical shirt style collar, hem and front closure.  The...
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