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Catherine Bacon Kimono, Mosaic, Black/Olive/Red, OS


This standout one-of-a-kind hand-painted silk kimono showcases a stunning array of designs, fabrics, and textures in rich shades of olive, red, and black.  It features kimono-style drop shoulders, an open front with an olive and...

Catherine Bacon Kimono, Mosaic, Red/Black, OS


The essence of elegance and ease, this stunning one-of-a kind hand-painted red and black kimono features tiger prints on the front artfully paired with an array of multi-color patterns and stripes...

Catherine Bacon Kimono, Mosaic, Black/Brown/Red/Gold, OS


This masterfully crafted one-of-a-kind hand-painted silk kimono showcases a stunning array of designs, fabrics, and textures in vibrant shades of brown, black, red, and gold with velvet and devore accents and a dramatic woven applique on the...

Catherine Bacon Kimono, Mosaic, Bronze With Piping, OS


This beautifully fashioned hand-painted silk kimono in black and bronze features an open front with a striking bronze and black panel with bronze piping.  Black and sheer multi-directional stripes in...

Catherine Bacon Kimono, Mosaic, Indigo/Teal, OS


This standout hand-painted one-of-a-kind silk kimono showcases a stunning array of designs, fabrics, and textures in a mix of indigo and teal with turquoise and white accents.  It is artfully styled with kimono-style drop shoulders, open...

Catherine Bacon Shirt, Tibetan Tiger, Red/Blue/Black, M/L


This dramatic one-of-a-kind red and blue silk A-line shirt showcases bold Tibetan tiger prints in black on the front and back. It is beautifully styled with a black stand-up collar with blue...

Catherine Bacon Pullover, "Dragon" Butterfly, Blue/Gold, OS


This striking one-of-a kind hand-painted kimono-style pullover features a dramatic black dragon set against a gold background on one side of the front, with broad blue and turquoise stripes accented with...

Bounkhong Signavong Jacket, Antique Stamped, Indigo, OS


With this breathtaking one-of-a-kind jacket, the artist has fashioned naturally-dyed indigo fabrics from traditional wedding skirts of the Hmong Hill tribes of Laos.  The stunning designs are first hand drawn by artisans...

Bounkhong Signavong Jacket, Multi-Patch, OS


An artful take on patchwork, piecing, and stitching, this beautifully designed indigo-dyed jacket artfully pairs hand-woven and hand-stitched textiles, comparable to a painter's palette.  It features a striking shawl collar and generous sleeves with...

Bounkhong Signavong Jacket, Light/Dark Indigo, OS


Masterfully designed and crafted, this exceptional hand-woven dark and light indigo-dyed cotton jacket showcases the artist's superb skill in patchwork, piecing, and stitching.  It features an open front and generous long...

Bounkhong Signavong Vest, Black/Blue, OS


Contemporary, yet firmly rooted in Laotian art and traditions, this exceptional hand-woven indigo vest combines the best in patchwork, piecing, and stitching, reflecting the artist's origins in architectural studies.  The vest features a black open front...

Iskin Sisters Earrings, Bauhaus, Large, Gold/Silver/Black


Inspired by 20th century Bauhaus art and architecture for simplicity yet bold allure, these stylish lightweight earrings are a unique accessory for any occasion.  Designed and hand-crafted in Argentina from leather and acrylic...

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