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Maggy Pavlou Vest, Honey/Black/Wine, S


A lightweight A-line silk matka vest in a honey black tweed features Maggy's signature needle-felted detailing in vivid wine, purple, and black. It features a stand up collar that may be worn down revealing a wine silk...

Maggy Pavlou Vest, Rust/Black/Tangerine/Purple, S


A lightweight A-line silk matka vest in rust featuring Maggy's signature needle-felted detailing in vivid purple, tangerine, and black, accented with sparkly metallic threads.  It is styled with a stand up collar that may be...

Maggy Pavlou Jacket, Periwinkle/Pink/Grey, M


This striking A-line wool knit jacket in periwinkle, pink, grey, and black features an array of artfully crafted horizontal and vertical needle-felted abstract designs.  It is styled with a stand up collar...

Maggy Pavlou Jacket, Rust/Gold/Grey/Navy, M


In lovely autumn shades of rust, gold, grey, and navy, this striking A-line boucle wool knit jacket, accented with Maggy's signature needle-felted horizontal and vertical detailing, is sure to become...

Maggy Pavlou Vest, Blue/Black/Amber/Turquoise, M


A colorful lightweight A-line silk matka vest in blue featuring Maggy's signature needle-felted detailing in vivid turquoise, amber, green, and black. It is styled with a stand up collar that may be worn...

Maggy Pavlou Vest, Black/Rose/White/Olive, M/L


This bright, colorful A-line boucle wool knit vest in shades of black, rose, olive, and white, accented with Maggy's signature needle-felted stripe detailing, is sure to turn heads. Artfully designed for style and comfort, it...

Maggy Pavlou Jacket, Turquoise/Olive/Blue, S/M


This fun, festive A-line pieced linen jacket features a series of vertical panels in vibrant shades of turquoise, olive, blue, and light blue, accented with Maggy's signature needle-felted black wool circles, squiggles, and squares. ...

Maggy Pavlou Vest, Blue/Grey/Navy/Olive, M


This lovely A-line linen vest showcases Maggy's artistry in combining an array of vertical appliques with her signature needle-felted wool designs, squiggles, and random squares to create a one-of-a kind work of...

Maggy Pavlou Jacket, Tan/Black/Grey, M


The perfect blend of beauty, style, and comfort, this stunning A-line linen jacket showcases Maggy's artistry in combining dramatic vertical appliques with her signature needle-felted wool designs and random squares.  In...

Maggy Pavlou Vest, Chartreuse/Black/Blue, S/M


A striking A-line needle-felted wool vest featuring pieced diagonal color blocks in chartreuse and black on the front and back.  It showcases Maggy's signature "cut out" abstract designs in blue and black...

Maggy Pavlou Jacket, Cinnamon/Black, M


A striking A-line pieced jacket in cinnamon and black featuring multi-directional felted accent strips in random and T shape designs in black on cinnamon, and cinnamon on black. It is...

Maggy Pavlou Vest, Grey/Magenta, M


A lightweight A-line silk and wool grey vest featuring magenta felted accent strips in a zig zag pattern. It features a soft stand-up collar that may be worn down, two...

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