Guest commentary from Jill ~ Remembering Roselle Abramowitz

I can’t stop thinking of the great artistry that has crossed the threshold of the gallery today, maybe more than most days. Today, I learned that we’ve lost another really talented bright light in the constellation of textile artists: Roselle Abramowitz.

Roselle’s very painterly silk and linen kimono, wraps and shirts have been a hallmark of the gallery’s aesthetic since March of 2001. She was known for her gestural silk painting, for strong color which we loved (influenced as she was by travels all over the world), for the tigers and horses that often danced across her kimono canvas. She passed away due to a stroke earlier this month. We grieve, for we didn’t have enough time with her, and her paintbrush and design work now is silenced.

And as each passing away of a talent and a friend diminishes us, as John Donne would say, we are reminded of other passings: that of Trudie Roberts, exuberant Trudie who was one of the first SFWG artists outside of the Santa Fe founders who showed her trademark rag-woven jackets here. Trudie passed away nearly 18 months ago. And dear, talented Holly Craft, mentee of Judith Content, a shibori artist who combined the freedom of shibori with the rigors of Armani tailoring.

We have artists and clients who are challenged today with life-threatening disease, but carry on, celebrating the artistry of textiles.

While SFWG is engaged primarily in “material culture”, today’s news about Roselle haunts me, but reminds me to say: every involvement with one of our artists is about keeping alive the yearning to create beauty and to share it with an admiring circle.

I remain one of the most admiring of collectors. I will deeply miss conversations with Roselle, Trudie and Holly forever. And am sad that their work will no longer enliven the walls and windows of the gallery.

Jill Heppenheimer

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