Fashion in New York City

Fall may have just arrived, but at the Gallery we are already thinking about Spring 2015! This week is Fashion Week in New York City, and this weekend will see several fashion shows for the trade. Melissa and I will be jetting over to take in a couple of shows, preview Spring collections and place orders. We look forward to meeting many of our designers and discovering new ones.

As you know, Santa Fe Weaving Gallery originated with handwoven fiber arts and that will always remain a cornerstone of the Gallery. Over the years, we expanded to include other innovative cloth from small-studio artisans around the world. Handweaving is a very laborious process that is expensive in time, energy and resources. The Gallery has kept up with changes and advances as designers and weavers have adopted new techniques and technologies to create beautiful fabric and clothing.

One such innovative designer is Margo Selby. She combines handweaving and drawing with computer design programs to produce gorgeous fabrics, many of them on Jacquard looms. Santa Fe Weaving Gallery will have a trunk show of Margo Selby jackets and scarves September 25-29, in the gallery and online.

Also, watch your mailbox (physical or virtual) for the Indigo Show postcard and details. The event is October 6-11. Be sure you are on our email list by signing up here.


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