One Can Never Have Too Many Scarves

Melissa and I are eagerly anticipating seeing our East Coast clients at the Washington, D.C. trunk show! We will be at The Melrose Georgetown on November 14 and 15 (Friday and Saturday). Some special pieces are in store for the show, as well as some favorite designs. There will also be plenty of scarves and accessories for all your holiday gift shopping.

Speaking of scarves, a common conversation in the Gallery is whether one can ever have too many scarves. My personal opinion is no - that's just not possible. Scarves really can make or break an outfit, or change the look completely. Scarves add warmth when you need it, or accentuate a feature. Scarves add beautiful color and texture that you couldn't have in other wardrobe pieces.

In a conversation with weaver Wendy Kowynia recently, she talked about how having a very defined space that is limited by the size of the loom can really allow creativity to come to the forefront. A scarf is a relatively small piece of the wardrobe but so rich in possibility with colors, textures, finishes, materials, edging.

A great piece of advice from Jill, former owner extraordinaire, is to regularly bring out your scarf collection and select a few that you specifically want to wear for the coming weeks or months and keep those out. Put the others away for the duration. Rotating your collection that way will freshen your appreciation of each scarf, allow you to divest of those that don't delight you anymore, and see where a new scarf would be welcome.

I know what I'll be doing this weekend.


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