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Last week, we unveiled our new logo. I'd like to tell you a little bit more about the vision that I have for the Gallery.

Santa Fe Weaving Gallery was founded in 1976 by four weavers who sold woven goods off their loom in Santa Fe. It was the height of the textile arts movement and the Gallery was a pioneer. 

In 1992, Jill and Barbara came from New York City to take the reins. They infused the Gallery with their creative energy in vibrant colors and patterns, and they scoured the world to bring many of our current artists to you. 

When I stepped in last year as the current owner, I saw a rich legacy with a purpose that is so very relevant in today's world. You care deeply about beautiful garments that are made by small studio artists and designers, and you care about the handicraft of the cloth. So do I. Our clothes are modern in the sense that they are designed for today's woman - some with new technology, some with innovative materials - and always with a deep appreciation for the rich heritage of the handmade cloth.

I have a vision of framing the modern artisanal cloth, in all its color and texture and pattern, and allowing it to stand out against the lighter feel and logo of the refreshed Gallery. I love color and pattern and texture - and I want the work of our artists to take center stage in the Gallery space (both physically and virtually). Earlier this year, we lightened the space with gallery-white walls. Our storefront is being refreshed with new paint and signage. Come and visit!

As I explained in last week's email, the new logo is a nod to the chevron pattern of the woven cloth, while revealing the handmade nature. It is a stamp of the Gallery's legacy and its future.

Thank you for your patronage and enthusiastic support of our Gallery and all of our artists over the years! We are excited for the journey ahead with you. We love hearing from you, be sure to drop us a line and tell us what you think of the new logo and direction.

With gratitude,

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