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About Ripins Clothier

Takako Ueki is the owner of Ripins. She is the highly successful owner of Habu Textiles, which procures incredible small mill yarn from Japan.

Takako inherited Ripins Clothier from her close friend and mentor, Yumiko Shibata, who had passed away January 2014. Takako took over the reins and updated the patterns that had been used for many years to make them modern. The fabric is all naturally dyed, and woven in a small mill in Japan. The clothes are also sewn in Japan - impeccable stitchery. This is quality clothing, reminiscent of what our mothers and grandmothers may have sewn in years past for us to wear but updated beautifully for today.

Enjoy the collection, and please call or e-mail us to discuss the best selection for you.

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