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Our jewelry lines are atypical and unique in their materials (latex rubber, paper, leather, acrylic, and more) and their designs. Stand out with your accessorizing!
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Lydia Bremer Necklace, Petals, Purple Mix


Fashionable yet timeless, this striking necklace features five strands of soft black rubber cord adorned with hand-cut translucent soft rubber petals in a beautiful mix of purple shades.  The simple...

Lydia Bremer Necklace, Squares, Combo, 3


This stylish yet timeless necklace features nine strands of soft black rubber cord adorned with hand-cut translucent soft green and gold rubber squares. The simple geometric shapes were inspired by Mondrian...

Lydia Bremer Necklace, Sticks, Combo


This fun, colorful necklace features nine strands of soft black rubber cord spiced up with hand-cut translucent soft rectangular rubber sticks in yellow, green, orange, and brown. The simple geometric shapes were...

Phyllis Clark Earrings, Blue/Black/Pearls


These luminous large blue and black acrylic drop earrings, accented with freshwater blue pearls, are suspended from a thin leather cord and finished with sterling silver leverback ear wires. 3"...

Phyllis Clark Necklace, Blue Coconut/Pearls/Bone


This fun, festive hand-crafted four-strand necklace features an array of batik dyed blue coconut rings, blue pearls, black wood ovals, and decorative black and white beads.  All are held by a hand-knotted...

Phyllis Clark Necklace, Green Beads/Pearls


This striking lightweight choker features three large hand-made green polymer beads, two strands of freshwater lime pearls, and five spaced acrylic pewter beads for a beautiful statement piece.  It is finished with...

Phyllis Clark Necklace, Pink Quartz/Bone


This stylish hand-crafted long necklace showcases a variety of dangles that give it swing and sway.  It features rose quartz, bone, and black and white acrylic beads.  All are held by a...

Phyllis Clark Necklace, Wood/Beads/Glass


This striking hand-crafted necklace features an array of large brown wooden rings connected in pairs with small rings of black and white African trade beads and glass and metal beads.  It is held...

Samuel Coraux Necklace, Murano Glass Rings, Green/Taupe


A beautiful necklace featuring swirls of Murano glass rings in green and taupe.  24" long with 4" chain extension..  

Samuel Coraux Necklace, Union Rubber Links


40" -

Long necklace with thick ribbon swirls.  40" See all Samuel Coraux

Sylca Designs Necklace, Navy Marbled


Navy, red, and white make up this marbled necklace. The handcrafted resin beads hang on an adjustable black wax cord. 26″-30″ lengthBeads range from .75″ – 1.25″ wide See all Sylca...

Thierry Joo Earrings, Two Tone, Orange/Magenta


Handcrafted by French artist Thierry Joo, these small two-tone earrings in vibrant orange and magenta resemble the number 8.  They are suspended by an easy-to-wear leverback clasp. 

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