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Diane Prekup Jacket, Saturday, Slate Lime, S/M


Saturday jacket with mandarin collar, long sleeves, and open front. Medley of yarns and fabrics. Mixed fibers, dry clean only. S/M 43" bust 27.5" back length 31" sleeve See all...

Brooke Jaron Necklace, Agate Bi Disk


24" + 6" pendant

Agate "Bi" disk with antique stone toggle, rosewood bead, jasper beads and rings, buffalo horn rings, along with pewter and silver rings and clasp on a handmade silk cord. Sourced around...

Nuno Shawl, Half Size, Arrow Feathers, Black and White


11.5" x 80" - BLACK/WHITE

100% lightweight double weave wool of black and white diagonal stripes. Made in Japan. 11.5" x 80" See all Nuno

Brooke Jaron Necklace, Carnelian Tube on Kente Cloth



  Carnelian tube bead, with buffalo horn tubes on African kente cloth cord. Sourced around the world, assembled in the USA. 19" long See all Brooke Jaron

Red Thread Sweater, Joyner, Black/Denim


Short crew neck, slight A-line shape. Button detail at collar. Cotton with linen binder. Dry clean recommended.  S 38" bust 19" length M 39" bust 20" length See all Red...

Doshi Blouse, Sideways, Straight Up, S


43" bust

The patterns in this turquoise silk blouse in shades of fuchsia go both vertically and horizontally. Eye-catching placket detail on front with overlaid piece in the center, as well as the back....

Begoña Rentero Earrings, Roma



These earrings were inspired by the rebirth classicism that took place in Italy, which led to the awakening of profane beauty under a light of golden hues. Approx 2.5" See...

Tatiana Palnitska Jacket, Rust/Blue Crepe Detailed


40" bust

Rust cotton and silk jacket with sections of blue crepe. Jacquard style hemline material. Silk sleeves. One front accent pocket. Each of Tatiana's jackets is one of a kind. Silk...

Red Thread Sweater, Felix, Brown/Denim


Denim gray and brown heather crew neck sweater. One patch pocket. Cotton with linen binder. Dry clean recommended.  M 44" bust 23" length L 50" bust 25" length See all...

Zuza Bart Sweater Vest, Purple, M


MEDIUM - 43" bust

Mohair vest with front embellishments, a button closure, and fringe along the hem. Mohair blend, hand wash. M 43" bust 37" back length See all Zuza Bart

Jianhui London Necklace, Triangles and Cubes


Black leather triangle pieces accented with metal grommets and red wood cubes, on 5 black strands. 42" See all Jianhui London

Jianhui London Necklace, Barcelona Pearls XL, Teal


Long necklace of large wood pearls, in dark blue. May be worn single strand or doubled up.  See all Jianhui London

Mau Jacket, Photo with Grain, M


Tyvek coat or dress in white and gray, dolman sleeves, carabiner clasp, and two front pockets. Hand wash. M 42" bust 36.5" back length See all Mau Conceptual Clothing  ...

Judith Bird Scarf, Silk Singles, Color Study #1


10" x 72" - COLOR STUDY #1

Unique impossible to recreate hand dyed patterns, the single layers of silks are pieced together with fine "thread bead" edge. 100% silk crepes and jacquards, dry clean only. Approx. 10"...

Judith Bird Woven Vest, Long, Red Tweed/Prints, XL


48" bust - XL - RED TWEED

One of a kind handwoven kelp and construction print vest, black on red tweed. 80% silk, 20% viscose, dry clean. XL 48" bust 31" back length See all Judith Bird...

Joyce Wilkerson Vest, Purple Stripe, S


38" bust - PURPLE STRIPE

Beautiful woven off center vest from Joyce Wilkerson. Purple, green with hints of pink and yellow make up this pattern. This vest has a front pocket, button closure, and side...

Begoña Rentero Necklace, Venice in the Renaissance, Pink



This necklace was inspired by the rebirth classicism that took place in Italy, which led to the awakening of profane beauty, under a light of golden hues. Adjustable necklace, ties...

Lana Handmade Scarf, Spiderweb, Red


Felted wool and silk spiderweb scarf in red with white accents. Wool/silk, handwash, dry flat. 12" x 68" See all Lana Handmade by Eva Camacho-Sanchez

Neó Bracelet, Wrapped Neoprene Yarn


Neoprene yarn wrapped around four strands. Handmade in Italy. 6 - 7" See all Neó    

Nan Leaman Shawl, Botanical Printed, Eucalyptus, Rose


Silk and wool shawl dyed with eucalyptus leaves on a soft rose background. Silk/wool, hand wash cool. 24" x 85" See all Nan Leaman     

Judith Content Scarf #7, Medium, Green and Purple


Beautiful silk charmeuse, ombre and shibori dyed, hand-pleated and stitched scarf. Each scarf is reversible and has beaded embellishments. 100% silk, dry clean only. 8" x 50" See all Judith...

Begoña Rentero Necklace, Uruk (More Colors)


Necklace of lightweight paper design, strengthened to withstand everyday wear. 18.5" long See all Begoña Rentero

Begoña Rentero Necklace, Hopi


Necklace of lightweight paper design, strengthened to withstand everyday wear. 42" long See all Begoña Rentero

Begoña Rentero Earrings, Hopi (More Colors)


Drop earrings of lightweight paper design, strengthened to withstand everyday wear. About 3.5" See all Begoña Rentero

Onoura Scarf, Leather, Love, Lines, Angles & Rhymes II


2.5" x 36"

Red and copper painted and embellished on turquoise leather scarf with a metal button closure, one of a kind. 2.5" x 36" See all Onoura

Thread+ Shawl, Fine Wool, Indigo #2


Finely woven lightweight wool shawl or scarf from Thread+ in Taiwan with hand printed designs dyed with natural indigo. 100% wool, hand wash. 41.5" x 79"  

Begoña Rentero Earrings, Kiowa (More Colors)


Drop earrings of lightweight paper design, strengthened to withstand everyday wear. 2.75" + about 4" of organic tendrils, not straight down See all Begoña Rentero

Carla M Necklace, Big Rubber Tubes



Large rubber circles, with pearl beads at neckline. 21" length See all Carla M

Begoña Rentero Earrings, Ojibwe (More Colors)


Drop earrings of lightweight paper design, strengthened to withstand everyday wear. 3.5" + about 1" tendrils See all Begoña Rentero

Carla M Necklace, Red Balls



Long 3-strand of silver tubes with red balls. 34" length See all Carla M

Dress to Kill Shirt, Banded Cappy


Oversized button down shirt with foldover collar and long sleeves. Machine wash cold, tumble dry low. OS 60" bust 28" length See all Dress to Kill

Yacco Maricard Jacket, Cotton Saifu, 52" Bust (More Colors)


Waist length cotton saifu shirt jacket with vertical pintucks, shirt collar and long sleeves with pintucking. 100% cotton, wash cold gentle or dry clean. 52" bust 23" back length See...

Dress to Kill Shirt, Folded Pull (More Colors)


Pullover short sleeve tunic with folded detail at the hem. Asymmetrical slit offset on the back. Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.  OS 56" bust 25" length See all Dress...

Ralston Tank, Dagav, Black


Black tank top for layering. Scoop neck, side slits.  S 42" bust 29" length M 44" bust 29" length See all Ralston

Nuno Tunic, Watermill Boat Neck, OS


60" bust

Black tunic with blue and green embroidery and cap sleeves. 95% cotton, 5% linen, dry clean. OS 60" bust 35" back length See all NUNO  

Ralston Top, Bess, Petrol


Cowl neck pullover in soft green corduroy. Two patch pockets. Half sleeves. S (fits sizes 0-10) OS 27.5" length M (fits sizes 10-16) OS 28.5" length See all Ralston

Palson & Penner Studio Jacket, Modern Denim Patched, Purple


40" bust - M

Pieced denim and handwoven segments in shawl collar style jacket. Two frontpatch pockets with sequin beading. Mixed fibers, dry clean. M 40" bust 23.5" back length See all Patricia Palson...

Annemieke Broenink Necklace, Pop (More Colors)


Latex rubber pop dots of varying tones dub a long black stretchy necklace. May be worn single-strand, doubled up - or even wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet. 56"...

Frog Necklace, Black, Silver, Red



Dramatic necklace of hinged plates on fabric cord. 20"

Annemieke Broenink Necklace, Boxy


Boxy shapes on long thick black elastic necklace. May be worn single-strand or doubled up. 56" See all Annemieke Broenink

Neó Bracelet, Tied and Knitted



Knitted neoprene bracelet with tied pieces of neoprene tubing. Handmade in Italy. 6 - 10" See all Neó      

Sylca Designs Earrings, Beaded Dangle


Three blue bead dangle earring, in varying textures: velvet, shiny, and matte.  3" long See all Sylca Designs

Klamir Necklace, Turquoise


Black rubber circles with turquoise Murano glass balls. 16-18" length See all Klamir

Joyce Wilkerson Jacket, Lotus, Raspberry Elements, M


44" bust - RASPBERRY

Jacket with 2 button closure near neck. One patch pocket, long sleeves can be folded back to 3/4 length. Asymmetrical back collar style. Cotton/rayon, dry clean only.  M 44" bust...

Onoura Scarf, Leather, Exuberance!


Tan, green, and copper hand painted and pieced leather scarf with a button closure, one of a kind. 2.5" x 34" See all Onoura

Sylca Designs Earrings, Thea Oval, Green Speckled



Green speckled resin earrings on silver plated hooks. 1.5″ long See all Sylca Designs

Holly Badgley Vest, EF Slim, Muted Jewel, M


43" bust - M

A-line vest with appliques, painting, and decorative stitching. Vest overlaps in the front and has a button closure. Mixed silks, dry clean. M 43" bust 28" back length See all...

Andrea Geer, Reversible Coat, Black, White, and Gray, OS



Oversized reversible coat is pieced in black, gray, white, and chartreuse prints. It zips up the front, has a front pocket, gathered hem, and reverses to solid black. 100% cotton, dry...

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