Carla M

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Carla M Necklace, Supernova


Dramatic multi strand rubber necklace coiled in a large circle with open ends. The strands feed through a metallic silver rectangle allowing the necklace to be adjusted to varying lengths....

Carla M Necklace, Aura Black


Interesting handcrafted necklace with long metal strip folded in zig zag pattern and wrapped in black mesh. Made of light aluminum and fabric mesh. Magnetic closure. 21" total length, including...

Carla M Necklace, Linked


Handcrafted triple strand necklace in long flexible ovals of tiny metal and rubber tubing. Magnetic closure. Black and silver. 36" Length See all Carla M

Carla M Necklace, Aura Round Red


Handcrafted metal swirl necklace wrapped in red mesh with a magnetic closure.  Light aluminum and fabric mesh. 16" Length See all Carla M

Carla M Necklace, Red Balls



Long 3-strand of silver tubes with red balls. 34" length See all Carla M

Carla M Necklace, Big Rubber Tubes



Large rubber circles, with pearl beads at neckline. 21" length See all Carla M

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