Joyce Wilkerson

Joyce is a weaver whose lifelong artistic endeavors led her to art school, and on to a rich career in weaving striking jackets and vests.  Her extraordinary weavings are rich in rhythmic patterns and textural depth. The jackets and vests she creates from her woven cloth are strikingly simple and lend themselves well to comfortable movement.

Joyce lives in Port Townsend, Washington. 

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Joyce Wilkerson Vest, Jazz, Jacquard, Pale Violet/Grey, M


This stylish custom-woven hand-dyed Jacquard fabric vest in pale violet features an array of dramatic layered appliques in grey, white, and black with a splash of lime on the back....

Joyce Wilkerson Vest, Origami, Purples, S


This striking one-of-a-kind hand-dyed vest features an array of vibrant purple and red origami-inspired appliques, accented with curry highlights, folded, pressed, and stitched onto purple linen fabric to stunning effect.  Styled with a...

Joyce Wilkerson Vest, Water Sunlight S/M


Playfully chic, this uniquely hand painted silk/linen vest showcases an assortment of gentle yellow, blue, rust and lilac swimmers, artfully stitched with turquoise and red. It comes with a stylish...

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