Muffy Young

Muffy has been a weaver and dyer since 1978. Her loom, which has 24 harnesses instead of the more traditional 4 or 8, allows her to form complex patterning in her stunning handwoven scarves and shawls.   Guided by the weave structure, Muffy sources silk fibers from India, Japan, and China to heighten visual impact and to balance drape and stability. Hand-dying her yarns gives her full control of her color palette.

Muffy lives in Waltham, Massachusetts.

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Muffy Young Shawl, Squares & Bars, Teal/ Multi Soft Colors


A beautiful one-of-a kind hand-woven, hand-dyed silk shawl in soft shades of brown, copper, rose, lavender, dusty blue, soft teal, and grey accented with a black and dark teal border.  Featuring a...

Muffy Young Shawl, Landscape, Green/Blue/Gold/Purple/Lavender


This lovely hand-dyed and hand-woven silk shawl features small graphic blocks in a variety of "cool" greens, blues, gold, purple, and lavender that alternate in dynamic patterns creating a landscape effect.  100% silk.  Hand wash...

Muffy Young Shawl, Allegro With Borders, Black & White


This striking one-of-a kind hand-woven, hand-dyed silk shawl in a graphic black and white weave pattern was inspired by the look of piano keys, hence the title "allegro."  It features a...

Muffy Young Shawl, Blocks and Damask, Black/White


Hand-dyed and hand-woven black and white shawl featuring a dynamic pattern of blocks and damask patterning. 100% silk.  Hand wash cold or dry clean. 19.5" x 77" = 4" fringe ...

Muffy Young Shawl, Twill, Blocks, Fuchsia/Black


This striking hand-dyed and hand-woven silk shawl features graphic blocks in vibrant fuchsia and black that alternate in dynamic twill patterns.   100% silk.  Hand wash cold or dry clean. 21" x...

Muffy Young Shawl, Blocks & Swirls, Purple/Teal


This lovely one-of-a kind hand-woven, hand-dyed silk shawl features bold, graphic color-and-weave block patterns that alternate with organic swirly twill designs in muted shades of purple and teal with rose, lavender, copper,...

Muffy Young Scarf, Traveling-Vibrant, Multi-Color


A vibrant hand-dyed and hand-woven double weave multi-color silk scarf featuring a rolling wave-like "traveling" pattern. 100% silk.  Hand wash cold or dry clean. 7.5" x 64" + 4" fringe...

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