Sally Bass Jewelry


July 19-20
Thursday-Friday, 10am-5pm
Santa Fe Weaving Gallery

Meet the Artist!

Sally has lived on four continents and absorbed the colours, textures, patterns, rhythms and aesthetics of each. She brings her incredible creative intuition to thoughtfully compose each piece of jewelry from novel elements that compliment or contrast in surprising and exciting ways.

These tactile pieces represent the highest form of wearable art and comprise the artifacts of the future.

A necklace may feature large pieces of highly collectible bakelite from the 1940's, interspersed with vintage glass and accents of contemporary gemstones, or master-carved mammoth ivory set in richly textured driftwood. These elements reaching across decades are finely tuned to each other visually. The results sing in a brand new and delightfully resonant way.

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Sally Bass Necklace, Black Loops with Wooden Beads



Black looped choker with wooden beads and a magnetic clasp. Fashioned from recycled Harley Davidson tubes. See all Sally Bass Jewelry  

Sally Bass Necklace, Black Loops with Beads



Black looped choker with white and black marbled beads and a magnetic clasp in back. Fashioned from recycled Harley Davidson tubes. See all Sally Bass Jewelry  
40% off

Sally Bass Choker, African Tassels, Emerald

$135.00 $225.00


Choker with four African leather tassels and emerald beads. Tassels hang 8". See all Sally Bass Jewelry    

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