Red is the color of the holiday season and evokes the feeling love.  Wrap yourself in shades of red and let your light shine!
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Carla M Necklace, Aura Round Red


Handcrafted metal swirl necklace wrapped in red mesh with a magnetic closure.  Light aluminum and fabric mesh. 16" Length See all Carla M

B. Felt Shawl, Red/Black


A unique and pretty felted shawl wrap featuring various red, black and white silk patterns and black felting.  Silk and wool.   Hand wash in cool water or dry clean. 24"...

Frog Bracelet, Red/Black



Bracelet of twisted and tied red and black spandex fabric with silver magnetic closure.   About 9.25" circumference.  

Ana Hagopian Necklace, Anemone



Varying lengths of twisted paper cords with colored ends dangle from strands attached to choker length cord. 20" necklace with 2" to 7" dangles See all Ana Hagopian

Frank Ideas Necklace, Everything Multi-Strand, Red/Black


This long multi-strand rubber spaghetti necklace is textured with strands of varying thickness and length with eye-catching small red beads.  Hang dry when storing. 44" length see all Frank Ideas by...

Mary Stackhouse Vest, Quilted, Grey/Red, S/M


A quilted A-line fleece vest in grey with a dramatic red overlay stitched onto the front and back.  High neck with one button closure. Hand wash. Do not dry clean....

Xiaoyan Lin Shirt, Blue/Red/Green, M


A fun and striking shirt featuring broad horizontal stripes in red, green, and blue.  Shirt collar, side slits, and long sleeves.  Linen.  Hand wash or dry clean. M 46" bust...

Frank Ideas Necklace, Spaghetti Multi-Strand, Red


This long multi-strand necklace features light, easy to wear strings of red rubber that cascade loosely around the neck. They can be tangled, knotted individually or together, or hung straight. ...

Begona Rentero Earrings, Ruff Color, Red


Playful, naturally dyed red and white handmade paper earrings feature six oval shapes knotted and tied together in a riotous manner. The earrings' design was inspired by Rembrandt's portraits with which he masterfully managed to capture the different...

Begona Rentero Necklace, Ruff Color, Red


Playful, naturally dyed red and white handmade paper necklace features an array of oval shapes knotted and tied together in a riotous manner. The necklace design was inspired by Rembrandt's portraits with which...

Onoura Scarf, Leather, Silver Teeth Among the Red


A one of a kind hand painted leather scarf in red featuring a unique zipper design and black and silver accents.  Snap closure decorated with a button.  41" Length 2 1/4" Wide

Samuel Coraux Necklace, Circles, Twists, Wedges



Long rubber necklace with circles, twists and wedges in black and red. 44" Length See all Samuel Coraux

Carla M Necklace, Red Balls



Long 3-strand of silver tubes with red balls. 34" length See all Carla M

Samuel Coraux Bracelet, Braided (More Colors)


Rubber bracelet with magnetic closure. 7" See all Samuel Coraux

Annemieke Broenink Necklace, Poppy, Pale Red


Latex rubber petals in shades of pale red on a black stretchy cord that can be worn long, doubled up, or even wrapped around the wrist. 56" length See all Annemieke...

Lana Handmade Scarf, Spiderweb, Red


Felted wool and silk spiderweb scarf in red with white accents. Wool/silk, handwash, dry flat. 12" x 68" See all Lana Handmade by Eva Camacho-Sanchez

Els Tanghe Necklace, Red/Black Loops


Unique handcrafted necklace featuring loops of red and black recycled material from bike inner tubes and felt. 20" - 22" length See all Els Tanghe

Jianhui London Earrings, Cubes, Red With Black Flecks


Beautiful hand-crocheted, hand-painted lightweight tassel earrings featuring recycled wood cubes in red with black flecks, perfect for any occasion.  See all Jianhui London  

Cathayana Scarf, Zigzag, Red/Black



Silk shibori scarf, hand dyed, pleated and painted. Zigzag shape adds to the dimensional appeal. Shimmering pleats of vibrant colors. 100% silk, dry clean only. 54" x 11" with pleating...

Frank Ideas Earrings, Squiggle, Red/Black


These light, dramatic red rubber and wire squiggle earrings with black bead accents can be gently stretched out or compressed to alter the length.  Hypoallergenic titanium ear wires.  3" length See...

Frank Ideas Necklace, Triple Ring, Red/Sky Blue


This short triple ring necklace features three sky blue rubber rings threaded through three soft strands of red rubber, secured with a metal clasp.  Hang when storing.  21" length see...

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