Yen Ting Cho

This award winning designer creates luxurious scarves and shawls showcasing innovative and colorful designs using proprietary digital technology pioneered by his London-based design team. His philosophy is to capture the dynamic energy of the world around us. Using technology, he transforms data into original patterns and radically plays with structure and color to create uncommon designs. He prints these unique patterns on the finest wool, cashmere, and silk, creating gorgeous scarves shawls that are different, dynamic, and unexpected.

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Yen Ting Cho Scarf, ICON: Mist Maze


Inspired by ever-changing shades of enigmatic grey and black that intertwine, like dense fog gathering upon the mountaintops. Ultra soft and versatile as a long or wrap around scarf or...

Yen Ting Cho Shawl, Scarf, Ascend


Inspired by the movement of the universe from dark to light, the artist creates a whirlwind adventure across mesmerizing landscapes. This colorful, dynamic shawl features an iconic houndstooth motif ascending with staggered...

Yen Ting Cho Shawl, Dreamscape


This distinctive shawl captures the excitement of a surreal dream, culminating in a sophisticated stripe pattern of abundant colors.  Ultra soft. it is finished with a half inch fringe on each end.  80%...

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